Fact or Fiction – four books dealing with the subject of football-related hooliganism.

‘Hunting The Hooligans’ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0123F2OJY/

‘Tracking The Hooligans’ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1445651807/

‘The Hooligans Are Still Among Us’ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1445665883/

‘Keep Right On’ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XJV689J/

Bostin Books

Our website and Facebook page currently feature details of nineteen book titles, both non-fiction and historical crime fiction. A number are self-published via KDP Amazon and others have been released via the traditional publisher route. Steve Burrows and I are both retired police officers and were born in Birmingham so much of our material is based on our experiences in growing up and working in Britain’s Second City. Writing has been a labour of love for us but sadly not a full-time occupation and like the majority of fellow authors we are still looking for that magical moment when something very special happens in terms of sales. That said we are hugely appreciative of the scores of very positive reviews that we have received across all of our books to date. There is always going to be the odd individual who will hold an alternative point of view but our advice to fellow authors

would be to simply develop a thicker skin! If anyone takes a moment to have a look at either the ‘Bostin Book’ website or Facebook page please give us a ‘like’ if you find it interesting. Likewise if you have read any of our books and have not yet completed a review we would be most grateful if you would consider putting something on the books page on Amazon – it just takes a few minutes but is hugely important to us. Our latest title is a historical crime fiction book ‘The Touch of Innocence’ dealing with a secretive paedophile ring who face justice through the prism of a Detective who is not renowned for sticking to the rules! Very best wishes.

‘Pretty Thing’ – Book number 2 in the ‘Made In Birmingham’ series

An intriguing mystery beginning in the early 1970’s. A story of sexual awakening, betrayal and cultural conflict, entwined with David Bowie’s rise to stardom.Alice, a world-weary woman, meets a stranger in the park. She is the scarred survivor of failed relationships, none of which have ever measured up to her first love, Danny. The stranger attracts, but is there any future with him, and why is he so mysterious? Christmas 1972. Alice meets Danny, a shy and beautiful boy at the youth club disco. They fall in love with all the intensity of ‘first love’. Then Danny sees an orange-haired, sexually ambiguous Bowie perform ‘Starman’ on ‘Top Of The Pops’ and becomes obsessed with ‘Ziggy Stardust’. But is it just the music, or the sexual challenge that Bowie presents, that attracts? Danny embarks on a personal journey to find his true self that leads him into ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’, the orbit of a rising star, and a darker life. Meanwhile, David Jones, as ‘Ziggy Stardust’, is progressing along the path to stardom. When he bursts upon the public, it shatters convention, blasting the grey early 70’s world away in a riot of glitter, ‘glam’ and trashed sexual boundaries. Nothing will ever be the same again. For him, Danny or Alice……Part love story, part thriller, including the true story of David Bowie’s rise to stardom as ‘Ziggy Stardust’; this book is historically accurate. Recreating some of Bowie’s live appearances as ‘Ziggy Stardust’ from a fan’s perspective, it is filled with 70’s nostalgia, and fascinating details of the ‘Ziggy’ story. Part of the ‘Made In Birmingham’ series of books co-authored by Michael Layton & Stephen Burrows. Each book is a story in its own right, but fit loosely together, sharing characters and ‘history’.1)‘Black Over Bill’s Mother’s 2)‘Pretty Thing’3)‘Keep Right On’4)‘The Touch Of Innocence’The author, Steve Burrows, has been a fan of David Bowie since seeing ‘Starman’ on ‘Top Of The Pop’ in 1972. He always wanted to write about Bowie, and found a way of combining accurate research with a great story. The book should appeal to lovers of a good read, and Bowie fans and others who want to ‘feel’ what it was like in the early Seventies when ‘Ziggy Stardust’ burst upon the consciousness of Britain and the world. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B083T9ZM4D/ Pretty Thing cover V2 17.4.19

2020 Update – Happy New Year to all our supporters!

With eighteen titles between us now we have a plan to complete three more projects in the next eighteen months. We had a very productive December in terms of sales and thank all the people who had faith in us and purchased a Christmas present in the form of one of our books! It means a lot to us as indeed do the regular positive reviews which continue to appear on Amazon. The most successful book during the Christmas period was in fact our smallest one ‘Tara A Bit’ which deals with Brummie slang and contains  lots of positive reviews for less than a fiver. We will shortly be releasing a gripping historical fiction book ‘The Touch Of Innocence’ which deals with the difficult subject of paedophiles. It forms part of our ‘Made In Birmingham’ four book series and the draft cover is attached. We will then move on to publish ‘Its A Blag – The Dark Art of Police Humour – Volume II’ which already consists of more than 120 pages of funny stories. Not to be taken too seriously its a light hearted look at part of historical police culture. There is still a small window of opportunity to get your stories (and your name) in the book so please contact us – this is it there will not be a Volume III ! Finally great progress in terms of research has already been made on ‘Top Secret Worcestershire II’  which builds on the very successful first volume as it explores what was happening in Worcestershire in secret establishments from the Second World War onwards. A legacy book acknowledging a number of ‘special’ people which will  contain pictures never before published. In short there is still a lot to do and we are still very keen to reach our donation target for the new UK Police Memorial Fund as part of the proceeds of sales from ‘Reporting For Duty’. #WMP #Birmingham #History #Fiction#True story #Worcestershire #Humour . Remember that there is a book in all of us – get writing!