The Touch Of Innocence (‘Made In Birmingham’ Book IV)

TOI - Front Cover

Docker is back! Corrupt and ruthless Detective, Rob Docker, gets enmeshed in the evil world of paedophiles, and has to fight for his own survival in the only way he knows, by making his own rules.

‘The Touch of Innocence’ is much more than a novel – it is a hard-hitting and grittily realistic indictment of the damage caused by possibly the worst crime of all – child abuse. The authors confronted this evil during their Police service and witnessed the damage it causes, the lives blighted forever.

Based on a true experiences, ‘The Touch of Innocence’, a work of historical crime fiction, tells the explosive story of the consequences of society failing to carry out its duty of care to protect children.

Set in the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire areas in the 1970s, the story tackles the disturbing subject of ‘paedophile rings’ operating through the prism of children in care. Corruption is rife and the guilty are protected by powerful and shadowy forces from the highest levels of society. Nothing and no-one are as they seem.

Above all, this a story where the lines between good and evil are constantly blurred, victims and perpetrators are at times hard to define, and some pay the ultimate price for their actions.

‘The Touch of Innocence’, the fourth in the loosely linked series of ‘Made In Birmingham’ books, sees the return of corrupt detective Rob Docker, together with a number of characters from the previous books. It can be read as a complete story in its own right, or as the latest book in the series.

‘The ‘Made In Birmingham’ Books

1: ‘Black Over Bill’s Mother’s’

2: ‘Pretty Thing’

3: ‘Keep Right On’

4: ‘The Touch Of Innocence’

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