Police Dog Heroes

PDH Cover

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The British Transport Police became the first Police Force in the UK to establish a dog section when Airedale terriers began to patrol the docks of Hull in 1908. Since then, dogs from the force have served in two world wars, aided police in combatting terror attacks, and hunted down countless criminals.

Here, Layton and Rogerson trace the history of these faithful servants and bring us over forty thrilling, shocking, and sometimes humorous firsthand recollections from retired officers and handlers who fought crime and protected the public alongside man’s best friend. As those on the wrong side of the law become ever more sophisticated in their methods, the dogs have kept pace, and today form a key part in the fight against drugs and terror on the rail network.

Included here are accounts of such atrocities as the Lockerbie bombing and the 2005 terror attack in London, where the heroic actions of these unsung heroes of the force and their handlers were epitomised by BTP police dog Vinnie, recipient of the PDSA Gold Medal – the animal equivalent of the George Cross.


‘I have just finished reading this book…… Excellent, it shows what dedication the handlers and dogs show to each other.
The book was informative, serious and entertaining. It was put together very well and it brought it home that these dogs were dedicated to what they did. It went on to show what a dog ( with its handler ) can do. Unless you read editions like this you do not realise what happens behind the public face of the Police Dog Section.’

‘Provides an insight into early Police Dogs working in the U.K. & the temperament of different Handlers & Dogs! I was unaware until i read the book that BTP Handlers & their Dogs had been utilised by Home Office Police Forces, that at the time did not have a Dog Section of their own or their Dog were unavailable!’