Reporting For Duty: Twenty Five Years of Policing the West Midlands 1974 – 1999

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‘Courage and Commitment’ was the motto adopted by the West Midlands Police when it celebrated twenty-five years of existence in 1999. It was as relevant then as it is to this day. ‘Reporting For Duty’ seeks to provide the reader with a unique insight into the world of policing in the West Midlands, and the challenges faced by the Force daily from its inception on the 1st April 1974, to 1999. It covers a tumultuous period of social history, as the fabric of society was moulded, stretched and reformed against a backcloth of political and civil unrest, culminating in outbreaks of serious violence and acts of terrorism, whilst serious crime and serious criminals constantly tested the Force’s ability to respond effectively. This book highlights many personal acts of ‘courage and commitment’, but it also pays tribute to those officers who paid the ultimate price and lost their lives in the ‘line of duty’. Time marches on, but they will forever remain in the thoughts of their families and the Police Service to which they gave so much. They will not be forgotten by the ‘police family’. This is a book filled with factual police history blended with personal accounts from scores of individuals who provide a ‘human touch’ to the story of arguably the UK’s second biggest police force. It is also packed with two hundred images, most of which have never been seen by the public. ‘Reporting For Duty’ is a must-read for police historians, and social history academics, but mostly it is a compelling read for members of the public who simply want to know more about what makes the men and women who serve in the police continue to ‘report for duty’ whatever the challenges they will have to face.

The authors will be making a donation to the new ‘UK Police Memorial Fund’ for every copy sold.