Hunting The Hooligans

HTH Cover

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By the mid-1980s, football hooliganism in the UK was endemic. The thugs were rampant, crowds were falling and the Government was near despair. Among the worst gangs in the country was a crew of thieves and thugs who followed Birmingham City FC. They looted shops, ransacked pubs and butchered rival fans. They called themselves the Zulu Warriors. In 1987, West Midlands Police set up a secret unit to infiltrate the gang and bring them down. Operation Red Card was born.


‘I really enjoyed reading this book. It wasn’t my “typical” sort of book to read but as I thought it looked interesting I gave it a punt. I was pleasantly surprised to the amount of detail and the descriptions of how the operation was executed and was surprised at the sentences given. It was a good insight in to how the real police worked from an inside point of view and the amount of danger these guys were willing to put themselves in to get close to the criminals.’

‘Red Card was a brilliantly orchestrated operation to take back football, from the mindless minority, for the true fans of the game’

‘A well written and informative account highlighting the intricate and often dangerous operation to crack down on one of football’s violent hooligan gang resulting in securing evidence leading to successful prosecutions.’