The Owners: Alone. Volume 1 by local author Carmen Capuano

Our friend Carmen is a Bromsgrove based Author, Scriptwriter, and is involved in film production. She has begun transferring and publishing her many books on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format. We are very pleased to support her by featuring her books as they appear. Us local authors stick together! Here is a link to her ‘blog’ if you want to know more:

The Owners: Alone Volume One (Young Adult literature)

Loni is terrified. Her very, very worst fears have come to Life. Her Eyon Hatchling, her “Little” is about to be taken from her. Okay, perhaps not actually taken away…but once he is connected to his work machine, Loni knows exactly what will happen to him. He will be gone. Changed. Different. And she can’t let that happen.

Not now, not EVER!

Not that Little is prepared to let that happen either! Different to other Eyons, he loves his pet human, Loni, with every feather on his body. And if that means leaving his egg-mother and his home and all he has ever known behind, then that is exactly what he will have to do. And if it means protecting Loni from the brutal never-ending wars, which rage in the distant villages of humans, well then, he will do that too.

Far across the land, San knows that things aren’t quite as they ought to be. Comfortable and secure as his life as a pet is, he is convinced that there is something else, some truth that he doesn’t yet know…something…darker.

And he isn’t alone in thinking that either. Only a chance meeting with another pet, sets him thinking that perhaps humans had some other history, that they were not always pets, kept in comfort but denied freedom of will. And if humans had a different history to what was communally believed, could they also have a different destiny?

The return of spectators to football – will the hooligan minority return?

It will be interesting to see what trends develop as genuine fans and spectators return to football grounds and as the relaxing of COVID measures allows for gatherings to take place legally in city-centres and hospitality venues. Will the ‘older firms’ have grown older and wiser over the last eighteen months or will they be on a mission to reassert their hierarchy’s and standing. Where will the ‘up and comers’ emerge from, and in which leagues, and how will they react to policing tactics. How will large numbers of officers who have spent much of their probationary periods policing COVID respond to the challenges of dealing with crowd safety and public order. Is there an intelligence void which will need to be filled quickly to get ahead of the game – have Forces invested sufficiently in this area. Is there an appetite at Government level to put the rise in public order challenges in the UK higher up the criminal justice agenda. Are there enough public order trained officers with experience of policing football matches. What are the strategic aims of police leaders – is it to stand off and communicate, is it to engage and enforce, is it to leave it to football clubs to ‘police’ or is it too far down the priority list to feature. Over the last eighteen months we have witnessed an increase in the willingness of individuals to take on the police with impunity – some of these have been at so-called ‘fan celebrations’. It might be argued that on occasions the hooligans have even ‘won’ with police officers suffering serious injuries due to lack of numbers or lack of appropriate protective clothing. Post investigations as valuable as they are cannot be the routine answer to every outbreak of violence. Are the police ‘match fit’ – I suspect we will know sooner rather than later. #staysafe #football #violence #hooligans #wmp #police #history #btp #railways

Keeping it in the family

One of the strengths of the UK police remains the ability to preserve the sense of ‘family’ within the service whether that’s generations ‘passing on the baton’, the development of life-long friendships or simply standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ at times of adversity even if you don’t particularly like the individual standing next to you! Pictures are of my father – my daughter – and my wife. #wmp #police #history #diversity #inclusion #onefamily

Our history defines our future

‘Reporting For Duty’ articulates the history of the West Midlands Police from 1974 to 1999 – the book contains up to ninety personal recollections and 200 images. It also focuses on the thirty police officers in the Force who lost their lives during this period including two officers who were murdered. A time of great social change which demanded changes within policing. A lot of my police service took place during this period and for all its flaws for the most part we survived and even prospered. The police service has a history of using mottos, sayings, acronym’s and ‘buzz words’ to convey its core messages. As I reflect on yet another spate of rioting in the news today I can’t help thinking that ‘back to basics’ might not be too complicated a plan. The police service are not to blame for society’s ills but somewhere along the line the gap between policing and the diverse communities it serves is widening. Community support and community intelligence are key factors in achieving community safety and for that ‘visibility’ is required – not in cars racing from incident to incident to achieve a performance target but in feet on the ground with officers engaged with individuals – both the supportive public and the hardened criminal. We have to remove the cloaks of anonymity that make it easier for those engaged in anti-social behavior to think that they can get away with it. We have to ask ourselves why an increasing minority have lost their fear of police officers and total lack of respect for the criminal justice system. This minority must not be allowed to win otherwise those that follow us will live in a poorer place where the ‘rule of law’ is just a meaningless phrase. It’s never too late and now is not the time for finding the excuses but for creating the solutions. ‘Reporting For Duty’ outlines a number of incidents that happened years ago just as they happen now but there is no absolute requirement for history to repeat itself. #wmp #police #history #onefamily #staysafe

We believe in Birmingham

The clue is in the title of the website page but as two Birmingham born authors much of our writing and story-lines are entrenched in the UKs second city with a heavy focus on Birmingham City Centre where both of us served as police officers. Whether its fictional characters operating in familiar streets or even within the main police station, or factual history of working in a fast-moving environment its all there in our books. Give Birmingham a try. #police #historical #crime #fiction #true #stories #wmp #history.