The Owners: Alone. Volume 1 by local author Carmen Capuano

Our friend Carmen is a Bromsgrove based Author, Scriptwriter, and is involved in film production. She has begun transferring and publishing her many books on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format. We are very pleased to support her by featuring her books as they appear. Us local authors stick together! Here is a link to her ‘blog’ if you want to know more:

The Owners: Alone Volume One (Young Adult literature)

Loni is terrified. Her very, very worst fears have come to Life. Her Eyon Hatchling, her “Little” is about to be taken from her. Okay, perhaps not actually taken away…but once he is connected to his work machine, Loni knows exactly what will happen to him. He will be gone. Changed. Different. And she can’t let that happen.

Not now, not EVER!

Not that Little is prepared to let that happen either! Different to other Eyons, he loves his pet human, Loni, with every feather on his body. And if that means leaving his egg-mother and his home and all he has ever known behind, then that is exactly what he will have to do. And if it means protecting Loni from the brutal never-ending wars, which rage in the distant villages of humans, well then, he will do that too.

Far across the land, San knows that things aren’t quite as they ought to be. Comfortable and secure as his life as a pet is, he is convinced that there is something else, some truth that he doesn’t yet know…something…darker.

And he isn’t alone in thinking that either. Only a chance meeting with another pet, sets him thinking that perhaps humans had some other history, that they were not always pets, kept in comfort but denied freedom of will. And if humans had a different history to what was communally believed, could they also have a different destiny?

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