‘Top Secret Worcestershire’ – Best Seller category again for two days running in radar category on Amazon UK.

A great read for those with an interest in the history of Worcestershire, military history, World War II, the history of radar, the RAF and the scientists of ‘Malvern’. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1858585813/ Top Secret Worcestershire - Front Cover

Well, ‘I’ll go to the foot of our stairs’. A true ‘Brummie’ stocking filler. Still time to get it for Xmas.

Ta-ra-a Bit, Our Kid.  (Link to book page on Amazon)

A great little stocking filler for Mom, Dad, Nan or Grandad – or for yourself. Full of nostalgia, humour and the origins of the words and sayings used in Birmingham going back generations. Use it as a translation aid with Grannie, or to convince your ‘out of town’ friends that there is such a thing as a ‘Gambol’, an ‘Outdoor’, and a traffic ‘Island’.

See the full Brummie Alphabet on http://www.bostinbooks.co.uk.


Writing – The Journey (Blog Post No 11) – Mike Layton

The Night The Owl Cried - 9Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and possesses a rich blend of European and Eastern influence, as it stands facing east and west, with its history shaped by the Roman, Greek and Turkish Empires. Androulla Christou-Layton was born on the island in 1965 – it is her home and where her heart truly lies. In a place with a resident population of less than one million people, families are inextricably linked to each other, and whatever the distance between them those bonds remain strong. This book tells the story of Andry’s life in Cyprus between 1965 and 1983, beginning with the creation of the Christou family, and then moving on to the generations that followed. It reveals a very personal insight into the world of a child growing up in difficult circumstances during years which included the dramatic events of a coup and invasion in 1974, plus a host of tragedies which touched her life, in some form or another. Above all else though it is a tale of hope and happiness as new births, christenings and weddings added to the family. If you like history, culture, customs, and food mixed in with a real-life story, and the odd ‘fairy tale’, told in a simple fashion then this is a book for you. It’s a must-read for people looking to holiday on the island who want to experience and feel what life is really like behind the sun and the beaches. It will also appeal to historians and those with an interest in other people’s way of life. You will certainly know much more about the real Cyprus by the end of it!

‘The Night The Owl Cried’ – A Taste of Cyprus stands out for three reasons – I had the privilege of co-writing the book with my wife Andry – a unique experience which we shared together – sometimes challenging to put the pieces of history together, frequently fun and above all hugely satisfying. The second reason is that it portrays the life of her father Costas Christou – the ‘colour’ in Andry’s life. He was at various times an artist, a freedom fighter, a government official, a poet, a philosopher, but above all a man who loved life to the full. Sadly he has passed away since publication of the book but his memory lives on. The third reason is Andry’s ‘rock’ her mother Loukia Christou – fiercely independent, a proud mother who lives for her family and provides universal love and support to this day without expecting anything in return.

This book currently enjoys twenty-eight reviews with an overall score of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. It is a book that we are immensely proud of. #Cyprus #History #Truestory #Family life https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1549649485/

Top Secret Worcestershire – talk

Steve Burrows and I had the pleasure of giving a talk on ‘Top Secret Worcestershire’ at a U3A gathering in Evesham yesterday, with over forty people in attendance. Its a bit of a double-act with a detailed PowerPoint with lots of images from the book and some readings. Although there is some technical explanation about the development of radar during the Second World War we very much focus on the human side of the story which includes an explanation as to how British Paratroopers launched a raid on Occupied France and seized a piece of German radar. The only thing we forgot to do was to take some photos but the mince pies were most welcome! We are both extremely proud of this book which very nearly ‘hit the rocks’ during the early stages of writing but we persevered and Brewin Publishers took it on without hesitation. The book can be found in major bookshops and on Amazon UK. https://www.amazon.co.uk./dp/1858585813/ Top Secret Worcestershire - Front Cover