Top Secret Worcestershire – talk

Steve Burrows and I had the pleasure of giving a talk on ‘Top Secret Worcestershire’ at a U3A gathering in Evesham yesterday, with over forty people in attendance. Its a bit of a double-act with a detailed PowerPoint with lots of images from the book and some readings. Although there is some technical explanation about the development of radar during the Second World War we very much focus on the human side of the story which includes an explanation as to how British Paratroopers launched a raid on Occupied France and seized a piece of German radar. The only thing we forgot to do was to take some photos but the mince pies were most welcome! We are both extremely proud of this book which very nearly ‘hit the rocks’ during the early stages of writing but we persevered and Brewin Publishers took it on without hesitation. The book can be found in major bookshops and on Amazon UK. Top Secret Worcestershire - Front Cover

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