Police humour, slang and funny stories. A peek inside ‘The Job’. Three little books that are big on laughs

The ‘dark art’ of Police humour
One In For D & D  Link to book page on Amazon The secret language used by the Police
It’s A Blag Volume I  Link to book page on Amazon Police tricks and funny stories
It’s A Blag Volume II Link to book page on Amazon More Police tricks and funny stories

‘Made In Birmingham’. Four very different novels, one series. It might be fiction, but it’s based on fact….

The ‘Made in Birmingham’ series, four loosely linked but very different stories. Packed with thrills, true history, nostalgia and what real life is all about…..
Black Over Bill’s Mother’s Link to book page on Amazon. An epic family saga spanning four decades, the 1940’s – 1970’s Bikers, gangsters, crooked cops and twins with a crucial difference, one is white, one black. This is their story.
Pretty Thing Link to book page on Amazon.  1972. Boy meets girl and they fall in love. Boy falls in love with David Bowie……and runs away to join him on tour, but there is evil in the wings
Keep Right On Link to book page on Amazon 1975. It’s war between Aston Villa and Birmingham City football gangs, but love blossoms in the strangest places, can it prevail?
The Touch Of Innocence Link to book page on Amazon A hard-hitting story that shines a light into the world of paedophiles.

Served or serving with West Midlands Police? ‘Reporting For Duty’. Packed with history, memories and nearly 200 images. Makes a great souvenir gift

The history of West Midlands Police from its inception in 1974 to the turn of the century. Captures 25 years of incidents and heroism together with nearly 200 images. Dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

For the Brummie in your life for Christmas. ‘Ta-ra-a-Bit, Our Kid’

A little book packed with humour and nostalgia. Older Brummies will love it, and younger ones will be able to rediscover their native dialect. Plus the origins of many of the words included. For instance, did you know that ‘Bab’ comes from a Norse word for ‘baby’? Find out more at Bostin Books Facebook page or http://www.bostinbooks.co.uk #bostin books #brummie #birmingham