Top Secret Worcestershire

TSW Cover
The history of Malvern, RAF Defford, Pershore Airfield and The Cold War in Worcestershire

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Deep in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside lie a number of secret places that played a special part in protecting a generation from the onslaught of a world war.

Travellers passing through leafy Worcestershire lanes may catch a glimpse of a structure that seems out of place against the backdrop of fields and hills – the dish of a gigantic radio telescope.

How did such an incongruous structure arrive in the middle of nowhere, and what does it do?

This book answers the question, and recounts the dramatic history of two ‘Top Secret’ wartime airfields, and how their activities were inextricably linked to the ‘boffins’ of the Malvern Telecommunications Research Establishment.

It tells the story of brilliant inventions, wartime courage and sacrifice, tragic air crashes, and ordinary and extraordinary people, pushing themselves and their machines to the limit and beyond.

Crafted using personal recollections – the book reveals the truly extraordinary wartime commitment and camaraderie that fuelled exceptional endeavour and achievement.


‘This book is a fantastic read and reflects the importance of the existence of this Air Force base.
There is local history and inputs from families who had relatives involved in the area during the 2nd world war
It is obvious that there has been an incredible amount of research by those involved in writing this book and what should be one of the best sellers in its catagory’

‘Fascinating important history and photos’