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‘Highly addictive, this brilliantly conceived story really does capture the feelings of a teenager growing up in the Seventies, with only David Bowie as his salvation from the gloom and banality surrounding him. This really is a ‘must read’ for every Bowie fan, and once finished you’ll not be able to stop yourself from spreading the word !!’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a huge Bowie fan the title and cover attracted me and the way the story mingles with Bowie in the heady Ziggy days is really good. But, the story is more than just that, an old fashioned story of the pain and joy of first loves and the seedy underground world of drugs and prostitution wonderful. A highly recommended read’

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UK links:

Black Over Bill’s Mothers Amazon UK

Pretty Thing Amazon Uk

Keep Right On Amazon UK

Visit each book’s page to see what they are about, the great reviews they have, and ‘look inside’.

These books have something for everyone. Love, hate, thrills, life, death. crime, gangsters, motorbike gangs, terrorists, hooligans, crooked cops, nostalgia, history and David Bowie. We have had great feedback from both men and women reader

Enjoy, and happy holiday time!


‘Reporting For Duty’ – this book was researched and published within six months. We would not have been able to achieve it without the valuable contributions we received from scores of former colleagues who made history come to life! In the coming months we will feature some of those individuals who have our sincere thanks. They are the ‘heart and soul’ of the book. One of those first contacted were Bryan and Sue Dorrian who gave accounts about how they met in the job and subsequently married. Bryan also provided some details about his sporting achievements in particular his love of football. Many thanks to both. Each copy of this book sold will attract a donation to the new UK Police Memorial fund. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1916168000/

‘Reporting For Duty’ – they say that working with animals and beautiful women can be challenging but today I did both when I enlisted the family during a great day out at the Hanbury Show which even included a gig by ‘Birmingham’s Blues Brothers’. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a few pictures of the latest book whilst there.

‘Reporting For Duty’ – remembering the dedication of David Cross (RIP) and his role as Curator of the West Midlands Police Museum. Each copy of this book sold attracts a donation to the new UK Police Memorial.

‘Reporting For Duty’ – great to catch-up with a former colleague Andy Gregory today at a BNI networking meeting where I met a group of people passionate about their work and creating success. Another opportunity to promote our new book which attracts a donation to the new UK Police Memorial fund for every book sold.

‘Reporting For Duty’ – Mike Layton and Steve Burrows met today with former WMP colleague and former ACC Mick Foster (Trustee for the UK Police Memorial Trust) to discuss how we can best market the book. Each copy sold will attract a donation to the new UK Police Memorial fund. The book includes 90 recollections from retired officers, plus 200 images. Most importantly it features details of thirty ‘fallen officers’ who lost their lives between 1974 and 1999 whilst on duty with the West Midlands Police. They will not be forgotten and the new memorial will ensure their place in the history of policing of the UK provides a lasting and fitting memory to those who served and paid the ultimate price. The book also provides a fascinating insight into the social history of the time with social unrest, major incidents and events plus routine acts of bravery described. Please add your support to this initiative if you can.