Our Big Summer Holiday ebook special offer! Read all three of our novels – ‘The Birmingham Books’ for just £2.97 the lot!!

Get all three of our fantastic, nostalgic, historic novels at a bargain price to get you through the summer holidays. A special Kindle offer starting next week. (You can download the Kindle ‘app’ to any computer or device – you don’t need a Kindle reader)

This is how it works;

At 8am on Thursday 25th July, all three ebooks will be just 99p each for 24 hours!

At 8am on Friday 26th July, they will go up to £1.99 each for 24 hours

At 8am on Saturday 27th July they go up to £2.99 each for 24 hours

At 8am on Sunday 28t July they return to their normal prices of £3.99, £4.99 and £3.99 respectively.

No catch, no signing up to anything, no email spam, just diary the day and buy!


All available via your local Amazon site worldwide.

UK links:

Black Over Bill’s Mothers Amazon UK

Pretty Thing Amazon Uk

Keep Right On Amazon UK

Visit each book’s page to see what they are about, the great reviews they have, and ‘look inside’.

These books have something for everyone. Love, hate, thrills, life, death. crime, gangsters, motorbike gangs, terrorists, hooligans, crooked cops, nostalgia, history and David Bowie. We have had great feedback from both men and women reader

Enjoy, and happy holiday time!


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