Bostin Books

Our website and Facebook page currently feature details of nineteen book titles, both non-fiction and historical crime fiction. A number are self-published via KDP Amazon and others have been released via the traditional publisher route. Steve Burrows and I are both retired police officers and were born in Birmingham so much of our material is based on our experiences in growing up and working in Britain’s Second City. Writing has been a labour of love for us but sadly not a full-time occupation and like the majority of fellow authors we are still looking for that magical moment when something very special happens in terms of sales. That said we are hugely appreciative of the scores of very positive reviews that we have received across all of our books to date. There is always going to be the odd individual who will hold an alternative point of view but our advice to fellow authors

would be to simply develop a thicker skin! If anyone takes a moment to have a look at either the ‘Bostin Book’ website or Facebook page please give us a ‘like’ if you find it interesting. Likewise if you have read any of our books and have not yet completed a review we would be most grateful if you would consider putting something on the books page on Amazon – it just takes a few minutes but is hugely important to us. Our latest title is a historical crime fiction book ‘The Touch of Innocence’ dealing with a secretive paedophile ring who face justice through the prism of a Detective who is not renowned for sticking to the rules! Very best wishes.

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