“Thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a huge Bowie fan the title and cover attracted me and the way the story mingles with Bowie in the heady Ziggy days is really good. But, the story is more than just that, an old fashioned story of the pain and joy of first loves and the seedy underground world of drugs and prostitution wonderful. A highly recommended read”

Other reviews of ‘Pretty Thing’ :

27 May 2019

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I have been a Bowie fan for 47yrs and I have read many autobiography’s, when I first saw this book I was a bit unsure but bought it because anything to do with Bowie I’d give a go. The book was amazing it brought back so many memories of growing up in the70s being a Bowie fan. To be fair I’d forgotten the impact he made to me in the early years, I think we all get stuck in the now. The story itself was brilliant, I laughed ,I cried and times thought I was in the story. I wondered if this had happened to a Bowie fan. I didn’t want to finish this book and was really sad when I did. I could go on for ever but I know I’d give to much away. This book is definitely a must for Bowie fans especially the young Bowie fans they would get a great feel from a fans point of view what it was like. Anybody who enjoys reading would like this. It’s love,excitement,loss,tragedy and true in parts. If you are a Bowie fan please give this a read you won’t be disappointed. Thank you to the author Steve burrows ( I hope you see this) made a old Bowie fan feel like a teenager again. Good luck with this amazing book and thank you again.

28 May 2019 Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

A wonderfully well written book, I learnt a lot about one of my childhood heroes Ziggy Stardust that certainly enlightened me to facts that i wasn’t fully aware of. The characters Danny and Alice touched my heart . This book would be an incredible opportunity to be made into a film

Great early reaction to ‘Pretty Thing’. As a Bowie fan since 1972 I particularly aimed this book at other Bowie ‘kooks’ in recreating the Ziggy Stardust years from a fan’s point of view, conveying what it was like to have this androgynous figure shatter convention and change the whole of music and culture forever.

But I also wanted to make a great story too.. It’s a love story with a dark side, a thriller, a crime drama, full of nostalgia and of course accurate ‘faction’ about ‘Ziggy’s’ rise to stardom and what it was like to be at those concerts. I’d love you to let me know what you think….

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Pretty Thing cover V2 17.4.19

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