Historical Crime Fiction – Rob Docker – the bad cop!

Rob Docker is Birmingham born and comes from a disadvantaged family, his long-suffering mother the only glue that binds the family together. He and his twin brother Joe knew only domestic violence, brutal abuse, rejection and bullying. Finally he finds refuge in the police service in Birmingham and rises through the ranks to become a senior CID officer feared by officers and criminals alike. Our historical crime fiction books explore the depths that this character goes to achieve his aims. Our books in no way espouse the theories of ‘Noble Cause Corruption’ – there is simply nothing noble about Rob Docker and yet his failed relationships, his successes and his spiral into the criminality that he swore on oath to fight may well resonate in parts with some people. He portrays the very worst of what we can become. We would be surprised if anyone came to like the character of Rob Docker but if he was a real person he simply would not care. Docker understands criminals because he thinks like one – he is one himself. Our first book ‘Black Over Bill’s Mothers – A Storm Is Coming’ maps out his early years and follows him over a period of fifty years. Our next book ‘Keep Right On’ sees Docker applying the same vicious tactics that are his trademark when combatting organised football violence. He goes after the ‘bad guys’ – isn’t that what the public want? In ‘Pretty Thing’ Docker reminds us that he is still around and in a position to influence as the story focusses on a fresh set of characters. Later this year ‘The Touch Of Innocence’ will see Rob Docker front and centre of an enquiry into a paedophile ring and the powerful evil forces that protect them. This will probably be his toughest test to date but Docker has lost count of the ‘bodies’ he has left behind in his wake and is not ready to compromise. When evil meets evil there can only be one outcome.

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