‘The Night The Owl Cried – A Taste Of Cyprus’

Yesterday this book celebrated its 26th review – twenty five of which are five-star reviews. The remaining one comes within the category of what are often described as ‘spoiler’ reviews where someone deliberately puts a negative review on Amazon UK in order to discourage potential readers from looking at it. They are very easy to complete and very hard to get taken off Amazon’s system. We have experienced this on a few occasions before but as writers the only choice really is to develop a ‘thicker skin’ and hope that people see them for what they are.

‘The Night The Owl Cried – A Taste Of Cyprus’ is a true-life story, plus history, culture, places and food between 1965 and 1983 and one hundred images. It will bring back memories for those who have already visited Cyprus and provide a real insight for those thinking of holidaying there or even making it their home. Above all else it is a family story and one of love and hope which shines through even in moments of crisis. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1549649485/ Feel the warmth of the sunshine as the story unfolds!

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