‘Black Over Bill’s Mother’s – A Storm Is Coming’

A historical crime fiction book which covers the period between 1943 and 2004. The book is set in Birmingham and elsewhere and weaves together factual incidents as well as music and culture into a story involving serious crime and corruption. The book currently has fifty-five very positive reviews and is a big read in both size and story-lines as it spans several decades and other continents. With more deaths than you have fingers this is not a book for those exploring ‘happy endings’ and ‘feel good factors’ but if you want a story that will leave you guessing right up to the end this one will suit you well. Some very powerful characters who have also started to make appearances in other books by the co-authors they are both victims and perpetrators and its not always clear which. One aspect of the book is the use of the titles of songs in each chapter for the year in which the story is set. For those who love music this will drag you back in time. Recently pitched as a potential film script a number of reviewers have recognised some of the ‘Peaky Blinders’ parallels. This was the first fiction book that Mike Layton and Steve Burrows worked on together – they ‘own’ the main characters and identify with some aspects of their personalities – but fortunately not all! By the end of the year they are hoping that this book will form part of a four book set. Most of all this book puts Birmingham at the heart of the story-line. As both authors are ‘Brummies’ it just had to be!

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