‘Reporting For Duty’ (15)

The last in this latest series. The written content for the latest book is now three-quarters finished and contains some great recollections from retired officers. We are still looking for a few more covering the West Midlands Police and the period 1974 to 1999 – have you got a story that you have always had in your head that could now go into print in a book that will support a very worthy cause. Today’s appeal is a bit of a ‘mixed bag’ so we are looking for memories of the West Midlands Black Police Association being set up in 1997, the Mounted Branch before it was abolished in the late 90s, Underwater Search Unit, any members of Force netball,swimming,basketball, and cross country teams and last but not least some comment on ‘police bars’. Please respond on the post initially and we can sort out contact details – the memories can be as long or short as you like (The picture is just a favourite but signs off for this little series)

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