Reporting For Duty (14)

Just a few more posts for ‘Reporting For Duty’ to illustrate the areas of research we are interested in. The new book will cover the history of the West Midlands Police from 1974 to 1999. We are still looking for recollections from retired colleagues who have memories of policing during this period. These are just a few of the current chapter headings : ‘The rise of the National Front – 1976’, ‘The Ladywood Riots – 1977’, ‘The Battle of Digbeth –  1978’, ‘The Battle of Cronehills in West Bromwich – 1979’, ‘The Handsworth Riots – 1985’. (The picture features the then RFD - PC ROWE - 1976PC Derek Rowe in Newton Street, Birmingham, beside the last gas lamp in 1976. Courtesy of the Birmingham Post & Mail who have agreed to allow us to use it as a front cover.)

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