Reporting For Duty (8)

Today’s offering for our ‘Reporting For Duty’ series – ‘On the 1st May 1976 the West Midlands Police became responsible for policing Birmingham Airport (I seem to recall that there was a small ‘private’ police force at the airport before) . Officers who were selected to work there attended a one week bespoke training course at Tally Ho Police Training Centre in Edgbaston to acquaint themselves with airport procedures. There was an increase in the authorised establishment of the Force of thirty-eight officers to cater for this.’ It would be great to hear from former colleagues with experience of policing the airport between 1974 and 1999, or indeed any other recollections of policing major events from that period. After yesterdays post about football violence a former officer got in touch who was on duty at the match in question – another recollection for the book!019 (The picture is from one of the many great ‘Birmingham’ sites on social media and is of the old Elmdon Airport – acknowledged with thanks)

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