Reporting For Duty (4)

The next in our latest series of blog posts. If you get a few moments please have a look at some of our earlier ones on police slang etc in ‘How Policing Has Changed’. We are currently researching our latest book ‘Reporting For Duty’ which will cover the history of the West Midlands Police from 1974 to 1999 – ‘On the 28th April 1979 a National Front election meeting took place at Cronehills Primary School in West Bromwich. On the same day Enoch Powell MP gave a speech at a public meeting in Birmingham city-centre and the ‘rock against racism’ movement held a torch-light procession in the evening. All police leave in the Force was cancelled on the day. At West Bromwich twenty-seven arrests were made during clashes with protesters.’ We would be interested in hearing recollections from anyone involved with these demonstrations on this date.Bostin Books Bus Card V2

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