Reporting For Duty (3)

The next post in our latest series – we are currently researching for another book called ‘Reporting For Duty’‘On the 18th February 1978 a meeting of the Young National Front took place at Digbeth Civic Hall, in Birmingham city-centre.Up to 5,000 anti-National Front Demonstrators tried to breach police cordons to confront the NF. During the disturbances which followed eleven police officers were injured and a police helicopter equipped with close circuit television was used for the first time in the West Midlands.’ We are interested in hearing from retired officers who were at the demonstration as well as anyone with experiences to recount of policing in the West Midlands between 1974 to 1999. (The picture is of nearby Digbeth Police Station – courtesy of Deb Menzel) Mike Layton worked at Digbeth during his career. On the top floor were some single-men’s quarters, and the middle floor housed offices. On the left of the building was the cell block which played host to many a city-centre drunk, in the middle the parade room and to the right the front office and radio controllers office. A great place to work and full of character!001

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