How Policing Has Changed (27)

Version 5Our book ‘The Noble Cause’ begins with a citation which embodies the spirit of policing to this day albeit the circumstances of the commendation would not fit into our modern day society. Police Constable Thomas Wright from Birmingham, 29 years of age on the 13th February 1911, at great risk to his own life stopped a runaway horse in Fazeley Street. The horse was attached to a covered van carrying timber and as it galloped through streets out of control the officer bravely put himself in harms way by managing to hang onto the horses head and eventually bring it to a halt. He had been a member of the Force for nearly five years and received the princely sum of 28s 6d per week in wages. (Full details of the citation are in the book kind courtesy of his proud grand-daughter Mrs Frances Tebbutt). Every day police officers and staff somewhere in the UK perform brave tasks – not always recognised to the extent that they should be we the public nevertheless owe them a debt of gratitude.

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