How Policing Has Changed (26)

‘Evening all’ a police saying invented by television, spoken by the archetypal British policeman, PC George Dixon. That’s why it’s not in our little police slang book. Millions of us used to be riveted to ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ on Black and White TV sets as good normally triumphed over evil. ‘George’ was the local bobby who always tried to do the right thing, was friendly, visible, accessible and above all human. It would be naive to think that policing in today’s society could mirror that of the ‘old days’. That said has the pendulum swung too far as the need to respond quickly to so many incidents has resulted in a far more mobile policing service and tunics, helmets and ties have been replaced by combat trousers, fleeces,

T-shirts and even baseball caps in some Forces. Time and change co-exist and the Police have of necessity had to change organisationally to meet new demands – but there is still something to be said about the ‘old values’ . (Picture of unknown origin from social media)

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