How Policing Has Changed (12)

Today’s phrase from ‘One In For D & D’ is ‘Pro Con’ which stands for probationary constable. The pictures are from a new recruit BTP course circa 1971. In those days you were on probation for two years and, apart from the initial twelve week training course and a two week continuation course, much of the experience gained was on ‘the streets’ working as an operational police officer with experienced colleagues. In many ways you would either ‘sink or swim’ but lifetime friendships were formed, young men and women became accomplished ‘thief takers’ and careers were shaped. Whether you regarded yourself as being a member of a police force, or a police service, you were looking at thirty years in ‘the job’.  Nowadays there is much greater emphasis on academic achievement and future ‘Pro Con’s’ are likely to be requi

red to automatically study to degree standard whilst serving their ‘apprenticeship’.

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