How Policing Has Changed (11)

Today’s little slang words from ‘One In For D & D’ are ‘Peg’ and ‘Cuffs’ which translate to ‘Truncheon’ and ‘Handcuffs’. In reality the old truncheon was not that practical and unless you had practiced the art of looping the thumb through the leather strap in such a way as to make it impossible for someone to pull it from you there was always the risk of having it taken from you. Extendable batons are now the order of the day.

Handcuffs were not routinely issued to all officers for many years and some of the very old ones used for escort purposes used to have a cumbersome screw type key. The latest style of ‘quick-cuffs’ are far more effective providing you can get both hands of the person being detained into them when they are struggling! (The first picture is courtesy of Deb Menzel)

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