‘Language Please!’ – New Release – BOSTIN BOOKS

What does that phrase or word mean? Where did it come from? Who said it first? This wonderful language we speak, this ‘English’, with all its intricacies, connects us not only to our own memories, experiences and culture, but our ancestors, including Norse, Saxon, French, Roman, Britons – and our colonial history in India, America, Africa and elsewhere. The voices of the past resonate down to us, cemented into our language, in words, slang, proverbs and sayings.
This little book contains over,1,500 such phrases, sayings and abbreviations together with their meanings, original quotations, and where known, their roots and origins, drawn from various sources and in alphabetical order for ease of reference. It is not an academic study rather it is designed to promote memories, to enable reflection on previous life experiences and above all else to simply have some fun and learn something whilst reading it.
Also a great resource for those learning English. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09P4BZ3BR/

Part of our series of ‘little books’ we are keen to see them stocked in #independent #bookshops or #giftshops at RRP between £4.99p and £6.99p so if anyone has any suggestions please message us. #bostinbooks

RRP £6.99p
RRP £4.99p
Courtesy of Sunday Mercury
RRP £6.95p
RRP £4.99p
Courtesy of Sunday Mercury
RRP £6.99p
RRP £6.99p

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