‘Reporting For Duty – 1974 to 1999’ – West Midlands Police

Extract from 1984 – ‘The introduction of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act in 1984, which required prisoner reception locations to be designated and to meet a minimum standard, caused the Force to carry out a review of all of its custody facilities.

            The same Act also created huge challenges for the Force Training Department as the implications of the new legislation hit home.

            Training as a whole continued to be fragmented throughout the Force. Staff at ‘Tally Ho’ ran a variety of courses including National CID training and cadet training courses. The centre housed the Law Research Unit and CCTV Unit. Probationer training was carried out at Training wings at Bournville and Walsall Police Stations, whilst the Force Driving School was at Halesowen.

            Ron Cornwell, now aged 92 years, (In 2019) joined the Birmingham City Police on the 4.3.1950 and served on the Force Driving School for thirty years between 1956 up to his retirement as an Inspector in 1984. On his last day of service, he completed a final test and when he got back was greeted with a surprise ‘farewell banner’….’ Available from Amazon in kindle or paperback. #wmp #police #history #onefamily https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1916168000/

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