Following upon the success of ‘Top Secret Worcestershire’, and with over 200 photographs, many never before published, here is another dose of the secret and surprising from Worcestershire: 

  • ‘Top Secret’ bunkers, including the hidden BBC communications centre that would service the United Kingdom following a nuclear strike.
  • A ‘walk through’ a Worcestershire Royal Observer Corps Underground Monitoring Post (nuclear bunker) and its equipment, plus discover the stirring history of the Corps. 
  • A secret rocket factory in the heart of Worcester and how a rocket motor works and is built.
  • The drawings of a ‘serial artist’ inspired by his time in the local Air Training Corps
  • A local Vulcan pilot’s story
  • A Malvern scientist’s story
  • Recollections and wonderful photographs from Defford and Pershore.

If you like aviation and military history, the ‘Cold War’ history of the United Kingdom, local history, social history, science and technology and the recollections of ordinary people doing the extraordinary, this is the book for you. If you liked ‘Top Secret Worcestershire’, you will love this too. 

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