‘Ta-Ra, A Bit, Our Kid’ – Our little book of slang used in Birmingham, for just 99p! Special ‘Lockdown’ offer

Tara A Bit Cover V2 with Mike 9.6.18

Get all our funny and informative little book for just 99p on Kindle! Starting at 7pm on 24th April for 7 days.

If you haven’t got a Kindle, don’t worry, you can download the Kindle app onto any device.

Ta-Ra-a-Bit, Our Kid

What does ‘Chobblin’ mean? What are ‘Donnies’? If it’s ‘Black Over Bill’s Mother’s’ what should you do? Where does the saying come from? All these questions and many more are answered in this humorous and engaging little book of how Brummies spoke and speak, containing sayings and phrases from recent history and much, much further back.

Essential for the younger Brummie to understand their older relatives, and a book full of nostalgia for the ‘old uns’. A treasure-trove of Brummie, Black Country and other slang used in Birmingham for centuries. An important repository for these fast – disappearing local gems. Read it, use them and keep our heritage language alive. Also a great gift for older Brummies.

This Second Edition contains loads of extra Brummie phrases and is about 40% bigger!

Link to book page on Amazon



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