It’s A Blag! Volume II – Published today! More Police tricks & funny stories..

IAB 2 Cover V1 31.3.20

Link to book on Amazon UK

Welcome once more to the hidden world of Police humour. Another dose of pranks and funny stories from inside ‘The Job’, showing that the Police are, after all, human. Humour and playing tricks on each other helps to cope with the things they have to face, but that does mean that sometimes the joke is very ‘dark’. This little book also delivers a nostalgia hit, as many of the stories date back to the days of ‘Life On Mars’ and even further, preserving a different, more innocent, world.

Other books in this series:

‘It’s A Blag’ – the ‘dark art’ of Police humour, Volume I

‘One In For D & D’ – a hilarious expose of slang used by the Police.

The authors have many decades of policing experience between them, and have compiled these books with the help of colleagues. The contents are 100% genuine.

Available as a Paperback or Kindle version


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