Writing – The Journey (Blog Post No 8) – Mike Layton

‘The Hooligans Are Still Among Us’ explores the issues of football-related violence, past and present on the railway, as well as incidents in stadiums and city-centres during the 2015/16 seasons and Euro games – including a number of personal recollections. It was co-written with Bill Rogerson and published by Amberley. This is a book that does not seek to glamorize the subject rather it identifies new trends in violence and makes some suggestions as to how these might be combatted. There is no suggestion that the problem has returned to the levels experienced in the 70s and 80s but without doubt the figures show that there are still a substantial minority who will use the ‘beautiful game’ as a backcloth to excuse their violent behaviour. Often tribalistic in nature, sometimes fuelled by drink or drugs, or used as an excuse for racism or sectarianism there is no room for complacency. All this set against reduced police resources and changing Government priorities. The book is available on Amazon or in bookshops. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1445665883/ THASAU Cover

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