‘Pretty Thing’. A new novel by Stephen Burrows. ‘A story of love and Ziggy Stardust’

Pretty Thing cover V2 17.4.19

Link to ‘Pretty Thing’. Amazon UK book page

Published today. A new novel by Stephen Burrows.

A love story, a mystery… and David Bowie

 2015. Alice, a world-weary woman, meets a stranger in the park. She is a refugee of failed relationships, none of which have ever measured up to her first love, Danny. The stranger attracts, but is there any future with him, and why is he such a mystery?

 1972. Alice meets Danny, a shy and beautiful boy at the youth club disco. They fall in love. Then, Danny sees something on ‘Top Of The Pops’ that changes him. He becomes obsessed with ‘Ziggy Stardust’, but is it ‘love’, or something else? He embarks on a personal journey to find his true self that leads him into ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’, the orbit of a rising star, and a darker life.

 Meanwhile, David Jones is trying to find his path to stardom. When he does, it shatters convention, blasting the grey early Seventies world away in a riot of glitter, ‘glam’ and trashed sexual boundaries. Nothing will ever be the same again. For him, Danny or Alice…

 A work of Historical Fiction. Part love story, part thriller, and the story of David Bowie’s rise to stardom as ‘Ziggy Stardust’; this book is historically accurate. Recreating some of Bowie’s live appearances as Ziggy Stardust, it is a compelling tale of love, sexual awakening, betrayal and cultural conflict. Set in 1972/3 and 2015/16 and filled with Seventies nostalgia and details of the ‘Ziggy’ story.

Find it worldwide on Amazon. Available in paperback and Kindle formats


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