‘Keep Right On’

A historical crime fiction book and sequel to ‘Black Over Bill’s Mother’s’ – its 1976 and there are clashes on and off the pitch when Birmingham City and Aston Villa were both in the same Division. The clashes off the pitch involve two determined gangs of organised ‘hooligans’ vying for supremacy on the streets of Birmingham. Using their personal experiences in the police the authors seek to bring to life the characters within these two ‘tribes’ as the story-lines are weaved through a series of actual match results for those who love the history of the ‘beautiful’ game. As they battle with each other they keep one eye on the third ‘tribe’ – the police. Detective Inspector Rob Docker returns as the violence escalates and for those who have read the previous book he doesn’t play by the rules! Added to the mix is a love-story that threatens the very being of the groups – who will win and what will the final score be. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XJV689J/


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