Reporting For Duty (5)

Today’s post from this latest little series is a bit of mixed bag. Many thanks to those who contributed memories of the ‘Battle of Digbeth’. The memories of Digbeth Police Station were also great – another book in its own right for someone to get their teeth into perhaps! ‘Reporting For Duty’ already contains some great memories and its only six weeks in the making. (It will cover the WMP Force History for the period 1974 to 1999) – ‘In January 1980 a march to commemorate ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Northern Ireland commenced in Sparkhill and terminated in Birmingham City-Centre at the Bull Ring. Seventeen arrests were made as outbreaks of disorder took place along the route. Eight hundred officers were on duty.’ Also in 1980 thirty West Midlands Officers, along with another fifty from across the UK went to Rhodesia (later to become Zimbabwe) to monitor the elections. In 1980 a total of 1,104 West Midlands Police Officers were assaulted with 558 classed as being serious and included two cases classed as attempted murder. We would like to hear from anyone with recollections please of these historical events, which will help to bring them to life. (The picture outside Woolworth’s in the Bull Ring is from social media and the ‘F’ Division pictures from an old Force newspaper – they have been on Deb Menzel’s pages before but bring back brilliant memories of colleagues, some of whom are no longer with us but will not be forgotten.



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