Reporting For Duty (1)

The first in a little series of posts containing some historical content with a plea for some help!! Our latest project is a book called ‘Reporting For Duty’which is already well underway in terms of written content. It will chart the history of the West Midlands Police from 1974 to 1999. In keeping with our other books we want to include a strong element of recollections from people with first-hand knowledge of some of the events we are going to cover. Any submissions will of course be credited in the book to the individual. Today’s plea – ‘On the 15th May 1976 a demonstration took place outside HM Prison Winson Green in Birmingham in support of Robert Relf who had been jailed for contempt of court. He was the first person to be jailed under the Race Relations act for refusing to take down a ‘for sale’ sign’ from outside his house which read ‘Viewing. To avoid animosity all round positively no coloureds’ keep right on - nf (2)In what was to become known as the ‘Battle of Winson Green’ police officers found themselves fighting to keep rival factions of the National Front and Anti-Fascist Committee apart. Sixty-nine officers were injured and twenty-eight arrests made.’ Please get in touch if you can recall the incident. On a wider note we are looking for non-copyrighted photos of that twenty-five year period which could add some depth to the written commentary.

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