Violence related to football

We often refer to the phrase ‘football violence’ but of course I don’t think anyone has ever seen a football being violent. Nowadays people often refer to the fact that violent acts linked to football matches have largely disappeared. It is certainly true that this is no longer the 70s and 80s when, before the advent of CCTV and banning orders, organised gangs of hooligans were ever-present. My assertion however is that whilst the problem has decreased dramatically the very sizeable minority who like to get involved in violence are still around. Police tactics have changed over the years and policing priorities have changed as they try to meet changing demands with fewer officers, whilst at the same time the Government don’t identify it as an issue and media reports of incidents are fewer. My question is will the current rise in right-wing activity nurture more problems on the terraces, and on the railway networks.

and in town-centres as groups become better organised?

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