‘Black Over Bill’s Mother’s’ -historical crime fiction book.

Whenever we post this title there is a debate over who lays legitimate claim to the phrase. Our take is that Bill’s mother was the mother of William Shakespeare and that Brummies used to look towards Stratford Upon Avon and use the phrase to indicate that a storm was coming. If you like a ‘big’ book with a huge story-line that spans history over a fifty year period, more murders than you have fingers on your hands and eventually returns to Birmingham for the violent climax you will enjoy this. There are no winners in this book and no heroes. The book has 54 very positive reviews and some who have read it have commented on how they found themselves loving and hating the main characters at various stages. Not for the faint-hearted it deals with violence, terrorism and corruption but without being gratuitous. It would make for a great film very much in the context of the next generation of ‘Peaky Blinders’

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