How Policing Has Changed (16)

When police officers talk about their work they usually refer to it as ‘the job’. Whilst it is a common phrase it relates to a profession which is unique in its range and scope. The pictures show Mike as a cadet at the age of 16 years tackling an assault course in Elan Valley, Wales whilst another shows Steve tackling the challenges and demands of working as a team on an accelerated promotion scheme. Two careers taking different paths whilst sometimes merging for moments in time. Once in you never really leave ‘the job’ even after retirement. It shapes your values for life and you remain part of the police family with lifelong friendships and memories of the good and the difficult

times which invariably never leave you. Writing books has helped us to preserve some of those memories. Without doubt ‘the job’ has changed over the years and sometimes not for the better but it still remains a great profession to enter – there can be nothing better than public service. Wishing all our supporters a Happy New Year in 2019.

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