How Policing Has Changed (13)

Today’s abbreviation from ‘One In For D & D’ is ‘UC’ which is a term used to describe a police officer working undercover. Nowadays such officers are highly trained and go through rigorous selection procedures. In the 70s and 80s the training was different but many brave officers still placed themselves in ‘harm’s way’ to penetrate organized crime groups. The book ‘Hunting The Hooligans’ describes

how a number of such officers worked undercover in 1987 to gather evidence on a gang of football hooligans. On one occasion four of them were trapped in a pub and subjected to a ‘kangaroo court’ after being accused of being police officers. Fortunately for them a potential target was also wrongly accused at the same time and as tensions rose they managed to talk their way out of a potentially violent situation as they were surrounded by men wielding billiard cues. (The ‘WARD’ cartoon is courtesy  of the British Transport Police History Group who work tirelessly to preserve the history of the Force)

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