‘Ta-Ra-A-Bit Our Kid’ – Born to be a Brummie

‘Ta Ra A Bit Our Kid’ is a little book of ‘Brummie’ slang designed to keep the language of Britain’s Second City alive, and to bring back memories of good times, tempered with the realisation that there were also  hard times. We might ‘talk through our noses’ and be the butt of ‘Jasper Carrott’ type jokes but ‘Brummies’ are a hardy bunch who are generally proud of their heritage. If you are not a Brummie you can’t do a proper ‘Brummie’ accent! The pictures are of one of the co-authors (Mike) and evoke memories of Wheeler Street, Lozells where he was born. Tin baths for Saturday washes and an outside toilet were the order of the day. Saturdays also meant a visit to ‘Nan’ & Grandad’s. The school uniform evokes memories of St. Silas School in Handsworth and the ride on the donkey is at West Super Mare – the traditional day out for ‘Brummies’. Both Steve and Mike are proud to have been born in Birmingham and many of their

books have strong Birmingham links.

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