Last chance to help us with our next book

I (Steve) am about to start putting together and proofreading our next ‘little’ book, provisionally entitled ‘It’s A Blag’. This is a book of pranks and funny stories involving Police Officers – (who do have a sense of humour – often dark though). To any of my ‘Job’ friends and colleagues who have some stories and would be willing to send them in, I would be really grateful. No matter how short or how rushed – I will sort them out and write them up. Please send to by the end of the year. A little something you could do when you are bored after Christmas…..You will get a mention in the book and I promise the guilty will remain anonymous and the stories will be both printable and sanitised by the time they reach the page! I know there are more good ones out there and it would be a shame if they were lost forever. We are particularly light on OSU stuff – and those who were in that illustrious brigade will know what I’m talking about! Steve

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