How Policing Has Changed (1)

Between 1997 and 2003 Mike and Steve worked at different times on the H2 Operational Command Unit which covered half of the geographical area of the Borough of Walsall. The police officers and staff who performed their duties on this area worked at four police stations namely Bloxwich, Brownhills,Darlaston and Willenhall serving local communities. The photographs shown are of the original four stations all of which had front-office counters and were open to the public. All that has now changed significantly with far less public access due to reduced staffing levels, the need to close down many local stations due to funding, and changes in technology. ‘Walsall’s Front Line – Volumes I and II’ provide

a factual history of policing in this area between 1997 and 1999. There is a little funny story about a senior officer who presented himself at the counter of Brownhills Police Station many years ago and demanded access. When the office-man queried who he was the senior officer became agitated stating, “I am the new Assistant Chief Constable with Staffordshire Police.” The officer looked at him less than impressed and said, “How do you do. I am a PC in the West Midlands Police. You are in the wrong Force area.”

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