Book reviews, fake and real. Why they are important, and how you can support us.

Thanks for reading this. We are independent authors and publishers, ‘indie publishers’. This means that we do not have a major publisher or agent and their huge marketing budgets behind us. We have to create and do everything ourselves. The writing, the proofreading, the covers, the publishing and the marketing. This is incredibly difficult in a competitive marketplace which is to a large extent ‘sewn up’ by publishers, book chains and agents.

So the only way we can get your support and endorsement in a way that makes a real difference to the success or otherwise of our books is by you taking a couple of minutes to write a review on the page of the book. Reviews have an impact upon how the Amazon computer ranks and markets books and a huge impact upon whether potential customers buy them or not.

There are many, many, thousands of fake reviews out there. In fact there is a whole hidden industry ‘selling’ fake book reviews. We will never ever do this, our books stand or fall on their merits, but it does make for a very unfair field of play. Amazon have been recently cracking down on fake reviews by means of checking whether you are a genuine Amazon customer. (have you spent £40 on Amazon in the last 12 months). This is a very clumsy tool which has punished good and bad, but at least they are trying.

So, if you felt able to do a review on a book you have read, we, and other authors, would be so very grateful. It’s easy to do. Find the book’s page on, (make sure it’s this Amazon site), scroll right down and you will see a button marked ‘leave a customer review’. Press it and away you go.

We are grateful to you for reading to the end of this post and hope you can help us..

Steve & Mike

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